Literature Review Of The Commonwealth Bank Of Australia

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Strategic information system is the information system, which are developed for the business initiative of any organization (Cassidy 2016). The strategic information management or SIM is the most important feature in the field of information technology. This strategic information management helps the organizations or companies in storing, categorizing, processing and transferring the information or data that are received or created (Cresswell and Sheikh 2013). Moreover, it offers several techniques for applying analytical tools to the information repositories, which allow them in recognition of the opportunities for growth and improvement of the efficiency in operations. The following literature review outlines a brief description about the popular bank of Australia, namely, Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The literature review discusses about the organizational structure, products and services. It also helps to understand the operations and functionality like the current processes and gaps of the organization. The problems or issues that are to be fixed by the new system and the information systems strategy are also explained here.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Commonwealth Bank of Australia is one of the most popular multinational banks in Australia and New Zealand. It has its businesses in Asia, Fiji, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States (, 2017). The main financial services of this bank include funds management, retail

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