Bartimaeus Sequence Essay

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The Bartimaeus Sequence is a series of magical, fantasy and alternate history novels byJonathan Stroud the British novelist. First intended to be a trilogy, the first novel in the series The Ring of Solomon was published in 2003 followed by two more titles in 2004 and 2006 and a prequel in 2010. The lead character Bartimaeus from whose name the series is named is a five millennia old djinn with a reluctant and boisterous spirit. The novels are about Nathaniel a teenage magician who learning magic summoned Bartimaeus during the period when London was at the peak of world dominance as a magical oligarchy. Set in an alternate history period of London most of the people, events, and cities are derived from actual history. However, the novels make …show more content…

He even went as far as making all the series’ characters take Bible names. The lead characters Bartimaeus is none other than the famous bling man cured of his ailment by Jesus in the New Testament. Ptolemy, John, and Nathaniel are derived from the Gospel of John narrative that tells the story of Bartholomew the Apostle. However, the magician Mandrake takes his name from a newspaper comic strip. The Bartimaeus Sequence has many characters in all the social stratifications but the most prominent are Nathaniel the magician, Kitty Jones the commoner, and the djinn Bartimaeus. Bartimaeus is one of the most important characters in the series, and is a five millennia old djinn with a cheeky and sarcastic temperament. Although only a middle class djinn, he is very powerful and is clever which serves him well when he finds himself in difficult situations. Despite his powers, he has a hilarious, wry, and cheeky side that brings out the nature of spirits in his world. Kitty Jones otherwise known as Kathleen is a mid-level youthful member of the Resistance, a group of people opposed to Britain being ruled by the magical cabal. Similar to many in the resistance, she can resist attacks from demons or from the magicians that would typically spell the end for a normal human. Over the course of the series, she becomes an even more important character as she seeks to bring peace between the djinns and humans. Mandrake the magician also known as Nathaniel is the second most powerful magician in the British ruling council of

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