Basic Principles Of The Constitutional Law A Police Officer

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There are different basic principles of the constitutional law a police officer, but not always a probation officer must follow when conducting an ethical and legal search of a probationer’s house. “All states grant probation and parole officers the power of arrest and search and seizure as those powers relate to the probationers and parolees under their supervision. They do not have general powers of arrest and search and seizure over the other people.” (Fagin, 2016). When it comes, the probation officer the can do a warrantless search as the probationer has signed a waiver for the probation officer to enter their residence at any time as part of their conditions of parole. “Typically, the released convict agrees to submit his person, …show more content…

He was arrested with two other individuals and driven to the police station. On the way to the station, the police observed Melendez-Diaz and one of his cohorts making unusual movements in the back seat.” (Kim & Tucci, 2008). When police searched the cruiser 19 plastic bags were found, each filled with a white substance later reported as cocaine as well as $320 on the floor. “Melendez-Diaz argued the point that these lab reports were “testimonial” in nature and that the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment required that he be allowed to cross-examine the analysts who prepared them.” (Kim & Tucci, 2008). The lab reports have ethical and professional guidelines in place to ensure all materials are handled carefully and correctly since this is such a critical job secure measures are in place. “Drug analysis certificates are widely used in place of live testimony to establish the composition, quality, and quantity of drugs introduced as evidence in criminal trials. These certificates are an efficient means of providing juries with information they need, but they do not give defendants the opportunity to cross-examine the analysts about their conclusions.” (Kim & Tucci, 2008).
Based on the ethical and professional practices of each of the branches, the law enforcement career path is most in line with my ethical beliefs and professional disposition. I feel I have a high code of ethics of what is right and wrong while it may

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