Basketball and Soccer

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America is a country that loves sports. Two of America's most popular sports are basketball and soccer. Many children participate in the sports every year. Similarities are abundant between the two. Both sports require team work. Also the main purpose of both is to put a ball into a netted goal. However, there are some very important key differences. Soccer is played on a field that is much larger and there is a goalie that constantly defends the goal. While basketball is played on a smaller hardwood court with fewer players active at once. Furthermore, soccer is low scoring and more strategic when compared to basketball, which has final scores in the hundreds. All in all, many similarities there are huge differences between …show more content…

While both soccer and basketball are very popular youth sports in America the same cannot be said of their professional counterparts. In America basketball is one of the most popular and highly watched sports. On the other hand soccer is rarely even televised in most areas. Only when the American team is doing well internationally does any soccer attention start to build in America. However, the rest of the world

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