High School And College Basketball

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Although some think the decision to go to the National Basketball Association should be solely in the hands of the players and although current efforts ensure that basketball players are in college for at least one year, the one-and-done rule needs to be revised because it destabilizes the college basketball system, leaves players without a backup plan, and causes players to lack the wisdom to make wise financial and life decisions.
The one-and-done rule concerns high school and college basketball players, but it hurts more than just the players involved: it hurts the college basketball system. Because some of the best college basketball players are leaving after their freshmen years, the excitement they bring to college basketball also …show more content…

The former NBA star could not find a job, and although he was only 16 credits away from a college degree, he could not afford to go back and finish his education (Gaines 1). If Harrison had stayed in college to earn his degree before going to the NBA, his future would have had more potential. A career in basketball is not a stable job because injuries, mistakes, and poor play can end a career. By earning a degree before going to the NBA, players can obtain a solid backup plan and alleviate some of the pressures they have on themselves.
In addition to basketball players leaving behind a backup plan when they leave college early for the NBA, they also leave behind the wisdom and maturity gained in the college experience. The value of the college experience cannot be weighed; however, it is evident when players are missing those crucial life lessons. For example, NBA fans know DeMarcus Cousins and Michael Beasley for their lack of maturity. They are defined by their rotten attitudes and off-the-court issues. Cousins’ immaturity has resulted in team suspensions, and Beasley’s off-the-court conflicts have hurt his play and reputation (Diaz 1). Cousins and Beasley are not the only players battling immaturity; there are many NBA players who should have stayed in college to mature as players and men. Although one-and-done players only miss out on three years of college, those

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