Team Football, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, And American Football

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Sport’s are an aspect of life that affect societies across the globe. Athletics affect everyone's life, whether that be playing the sport, watching games, or hearing about a sporting event. There is a big difference between playing an individual sport and players relying on their own athletic abilities versus a team sport when members of the team rely on their teammates to complete each individual's specific responsibility to reach the team's goal. Team sports bring people together in countless ways, and they teach many life skills for the athletes that participate in them. Some of these skills include communication, teamwork, discipline, work ethic, dedication, leadership, and numerous more that will help them in their personal and work …show more content…

Attackers are the players with the most stick skills on the team. Their responsibility is to use their skills to maneuver around the defenders of the opposing team. Defenders, the players with the most brute strength, are responsible for stopping the ball and getting the ball back to their midfielders. Rugby is a less commonly known and played sport that helped originate football. William Webb Ellis originated the sport of rugby in the early 1900’s. Ellis was a student at Rugby School in England when he created the game, which is how its name originated. The way Ellis invented this game was when he broke soccer rules and made his own new game (The origin of rugby). The sport of rugby is similar to football because of the rules that are implemented and the way special teams are used on the field. One major difference between the two sports is that football is continuously throwing forward; in contrast, rugby requires that the ball must be thrown backward or laterally. Moreover, positions in this sport are very different than football. These positions consist of forwards and backers in the offensive scheme. The forwards are the bigger and stronger styled players that block for the backers, similar to the offensive line in football. Backers are the fast, small players that usually handle the ball the most and run with it. In rugby, they fall in the same lines of the running back or quarterback in the sport of football. Although rugby has many similarities to

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