Batman's Role Model

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Another example of the role model gaming character would be the character Oracle. She is formerly known as Bat Girl in the earlier Batman games, but she made her appearance as Oracle in Batman Arkham Knight game. Her real name was Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham City police commissioner James Gordon. Earlier, as a Batgirl, she used to fight against crime with his fighting ability. But In the game when Joker (The main antagonist of Batman) shot Barbara and then torture her in front of her father, the former police commissioner of the GCPD. Barbara Gordon somehow manages to survive that terrible moment of her life, but she becomes paralyzed from the lower part of her body. However, that accident was not able to stop her from fighting crime …show more content…

Firstly, Popular culture is simply culture which is widely favored or well liked by many people. Female character as the main protagonist of a game was started with Tomb Raider game series and people highly accepted that. Then a series of video games with female protagonist started to develop. The Video games like The Walking Dead, Life Is Strange, AC Liberation reflects the struggling life of a woman and the theme and the settings is very much well received by most of the gamers of Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and also sometimes by most of their parents and psychologist and teachers of history courses. So this goes exactly to the definition of Storey as it was well liked by so many people by its popularity. A few people disliked these games because of having a female protagonist. According to storey the third way of defining popular culture is a 'mass culture'. Here I need to specify the most important one, and really what we comprehend about popular culture is that, "popular culture is 'mass culture'. This draws intensely on the past definition. The mass culture viewpoint will be the primary concentrate on this point. Really, if a class of individuals like something it can't be popular culture or something popular. At the point when the mass individuals accepted something than it can be considered as something popular …show more content…

As we all know that "Video Game" or "Virtual Sport" is one kind of art. Earlier this form of art was used to only entertain people and it was a tool of entertainment and also for passing the leisure time. However, now-a-days, many video games are not just a tool of entertainment, but also a tool to reform a society. The mentioned games earlier in this paper are some of them. The video game developers of these games didn't make these games for money alone, but also with a view to change the whole society and create a better place to live all the individuals equally. These games convey a very important message to the students, parents and teachers. It focuses on the very important issues of our society. In some of the high schools, colleges of Netherlands and Switzerland, The course instructors of History courses instructs their students to play Assassin's Creed games rather than only focuses on class notes to understand and visualize the historical events very deeply. Same theory goes to the Psychology Department of educational institutes as well. They suggested to play the games like The Walking Dead, Life Is Strange to improve the style of thinking and positive decision making.

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