Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother

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Name: Yen Linh Duong Title of Book: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

AP Lang Summer Homework Worksheet Most answers must be supported with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES from book and provide in-depth explanations in order to get CREDIT! You will complete 2 of these worksheets: one for each book. 1. Explain how the author(s) establish their credibility on the subject matter they are writing about. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, written by Amy Chua, was a story of Chua herself and her encounterance of different parenting styles. In her novel, Chua claimed that Chinese parenting was the most effective style and disapproved the Western style. To established the credibility of her book, Amy Chua experienced the parenting style herself, enforced it on her daughters, collected stories from others, and did some research on the topic. By having Chinese immigrant parents, Amy Chua had a firsthand experience of the Chinese parenting. She was demanded excellence in everything that she did, but despite these demanding expectations, Amy Chua was proud and even "found strength and confidence in her peculiar family" (Chua 17). Seeing how positively Chinese parenting affected her, Chua decided to use the method on her two daughters, but it backfired on her. "I HATE my life. I HATE you, and I HATE this family," screamed Lulu, her youngest daughter, as she desperately tried to make Chua stop all her controlling (Chua 205). Realizing how disconsolate she has made her family into, Amy Chua

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