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World War II was a time of despair and discouragement. The Germans controlled most of Europe and many people were in a state of depression. Little did people know, the Allied powers would come to the rescue with D-Day, the Battle of Normandy. D-Day is known to be the “largest seaborne invasion in history” (CNN). D-Day consisted of soldiers from America, Great Britain, and Canada. Thanks to the Allies strong resilience, they ended up winning the Battle of Normandy.
Due to the fact that the Germans controlled most of Europe, the Americans wanted to find a way to help the people in need. The Allies needed a great plan to win the war, so Britain’s Prime Minister went to the United States (Platt 8). Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin
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By the early morning on June 6th, tons of paratroopers and glider troops were on the ground, securing major bridges and exit roads. About “156,000 American, British, and Canadian forces landed on five beaches along a 50-mile stretch of the heavily fortified coast of France’s Normandy region” (History). Due to the Allies securing the beaches, roads, and bridges, this caused them to win the battle. Luckily for the Allies, their hard work paid off and they were given the reward of victory.
Hitler’s oversight on the Battle of Normandy caused Germany to surrender. Hitler believed the Normandy invasion was supposedly a distraction to the Germans and turned down the idea to let nearby divisions join the counterattack. Hitler also deferred in calling for armored divisions to help in the security of the Germans (History). Because of Hitler’s misjudgement, this also led to him committing suicide. As a result of Hitler’s ineffective leadership and ultimate suicide, he was the reason that Germany lost their battle to the Allies.
Despite having more than 9,000 soldiers either injured or dead, the Allies’ pushed through and won the Battle of Normandy. Many people were happy with the outcome of the battle and even celebrated the victory. With Hitler’s misstep and his suicide, it was inevitable for Germany to surrender. The Allied forces showed the world they should not be

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