Baz Luhrmann's Production of Romeo and Juliet

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Baz Luhrmann's Production of Romeo and Juliet Romeo seems like a passionate, romantic and excitable young man. He seems to like the idea of being in love, although I would suggest the feelings he has for Juliet begin only as infatuation and grow throughout the balcony scene. In the beginning of the scene Romeo is portrayed as determined, wary and possibly a little frightened as he knocks over furniture and scrambles up the trellis. His eyes are continuously darting around and you get a sense of desperation because he is panting. When he climbs the trellis in the hope of seeing Juliet but discovers the nurse instead, his facial expression turns from one of lust and longing, to one of utter…show more content…
Juliet is a very capable young lady who truly believes she is in love with Romeo; during the scene she is portrayed as a shy, naïve and innocent child, but also appears to be a very determined, sensible and practical young lady. Karen Clark 27th October 2003 Romeo & Juliet Baz Luhrmann Production 1(ii) Dramatic Devices In the beginning of the scene we see Romeo climbing the orchard wall in complete darkness, but when he enters the swimming pool area the fairy lights illuminate the immediate vicinity, coupled with the floral trellis this makes the setting quite romantic. You get a sense of the era because the house is traditional in style, from the authentic continental windows to the ageing balusters on the balcony. The size of the house, together with the presence of a swimming pool gives the impression that Juliet comes from a very affluent background. The costumes seem appropriate for the period; Juliet wears a simple plain white dress, possibly portraying virginity and virtuosity and Romeo wears the costume of a knight, which could signify valour and gallantry. In contrast we see the security guard sporting a very modern outfit complete with baseball cap, earpiece and headset. The music used
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