Be Myself By Phillip Thomas Duck

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(1.) The author of the novel is Phillip Thomas Duck and the novel is called Dirty Jersey. (2.) The physical setting is at school, (3.) in the early 2000’s. (4.) The author manipulate the time to advance the storyline by what was going on at that time. (5.) The tone of the story is dramatic. (6.) The theme of the story is “Be yourself.” (1.) The protagonist the story is Crash he is trying to get Poser to be like the cool kids so he can have girls looking toward his way. (2.) The protagonist is a static character because he is in all the chapters he’s mostly the main character booster cater. (3.) The antagonist is Poser, he’s the one trying to follow up the cool kid group. (4.) The thing that influence Poser is getting the girls and being cool

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