Beast of the Southern Wild

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The film can be believed to happen in recent times, mostly based on the vehicles which people drove and the medical equipment they had in the refugee camp, possibly pre-Katrina, in a location called “The Bathtub”, but if the film was written to take place of a real location, it could be believed to be towards the coast of Louisiana. The main characters were Hushpuppy (daughter) and Wink (father). The film told a story of a young girl who was in search of her mother, but in reality it was her journey to learn to be free and along the way, find the courage to stand up for herself against her fears, with much of that influence being taught by her father, through the means of being tough to her, tough love as many would say He knew he wouldn’t be around much longer and was preparing her for the world once he wasn’t around to protect her. Those moments were seen such as when Wink shouted at the rain, though drunk, attempted to show Hushpuppy there was nothing to be afriad of from the rain. Many moments were also seen of Wink restricting Hushpuppy and other characters from cry, there was never any time to cry, even when she had to confront the beast face-to-face or when he was at the point of his death (Zeitlin). The film gave…
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