Beautiful Places In Louisiana

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Louisiana is an amusing, enjoyable, and an interesting state to visit. There are many fascinating landmarks and attractions in Louisiana. It has many parks, aquariums, zoos, and informational museums. LA (Louisiana) also has many exotic facts and features about it that consist of beautiful lakes and mountains. In all, Louisiana is a beautiful place to live in.
Louisiana is located to the west of Texas. Although LA is to the west of Texas, it is a southern state. Louisiana’s state bird is the Brown Pelican. According to, this is because in 1966 European settlers were fascinated with the Pelican’s thoughtful and nurturing attitude towards their young. Their state flower is the Magnolia. As stated in,
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Which according to, Baton Rouge is the second largest city in LA. The largest city in Louisiana is New Orleans, with an area of 350 miles. Despite the fact that New Orleans is huge, it doesn’t make as much money as St. Charles Parish. As reported by, St. Charles Parish makes the most money in Louisiana. Usually, 60% of of LA’s income has come from growing corn, grain, sorghum, wheat and oats, sweet potatoes, and sugarcane. The other 40% of income frequently comes from raising cattle and livestock. Louisiana has many nicknames. As stated in, LA’s nicknames are the Pelican State, Bayou State, Child of Mississippi, Creole State, Sportsman’s Paradise, and Sugar State. Louisiana is known to be an excellent trading state.Louisiana is important because it has many water routes that are beneficial for many things. has taught me that LA’s many water routes are not only good for trading, but are additionally important for essential navigation for commerce and shipping. It provides a great deal of habitat and food resources for some of our nation's most productive fisheries. Furthermore, it helps protect coastal communities from tropical hurricanes and…show more content…
Common, and well-known disasters include hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes. In Louisiana, it is essential to prepare for a natural disaster, because it can happen anytime and anywhere. As stated in, many people do this by getting a disaster kit which includes many crucial materials that can help you stay alive. You also want to plan ahead by going over escape routes, having plenty of food and water, and by having extra clothes and jackets. Due to these many harmful natural disasters, many houses and buildings have been torn down, and many people have been killed. The biggest disaster that has ever hit Louisiana is Hurricane Katrina, which is ranked the 6th worst natural disaster to ever hit the
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