Le Havre : An Important Port For Emigration

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Le Havre is an important port for emigration to America from France, Switzerland,and the southern principalities of the German Confederation. After landing in New Orleans, many of the European immigrants would make their way up the Mississippi River to St. Louis Missouri and Cincinnati, Ohio. Most of the sailing ships leaving Le Havre were American and it was necessary for immigrants to make arrangements for passage directly with the captains of the ships. Johannes discovered he already had a ticket on the American sailing ship “Globe” in the envelopes given him by the Dowager Duchess. As he entered the port of Le Havre and approached the ship, Johannes happened to run into Georg, a former Baden soldier and friend from his tours of duty …show more content…

New Orleans at the time was the largest city in the South. The trade with the plantations along the river combined with the trade with Europe was making the citizens of the city very wealthy. The slave trade had been stopped but smugglers were still bringing in African slaves and the slave market was flourishing. Slaves trying to escape to the north were being captured by bounty hunters and returned to their owners where they were beaten and chained. Before the trio landed in New Orleans, Louisa and her soldier husband convinced Johannes to stay with them on her grandfather’s plantation when they arrived in New Orleans. When they arrived at the plantation after their long ocean voyage and carriage ride from the city, they discovered her grandfather had died suddenly of yellow fever before they even arrived and the plantation was in chaos. She and her husband, with the help of Johannes, went straight to work and ordered the Overseer to report on the status of the crops and to give an accounting of all of the assets of the plantation including the number of slaves. Her father had given her an estimate of what he knew of the wealth of the plantation before he died but he had encouraged her to check these records with those of the Overseer when she arrived. The plantation had

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