Beauty Character Analysis

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Over the course of the novel, one can see that each character has a different attitude and mindset towards the beauty standards created in the early 1940s. Characters like Frieda and Claudia do not agree with the beauty standards set by society. Claudia is seen to “represent an automatic rejection of external standards that were impossible for her to meet” (Gonzalez 210). They find flaws in Maureen Peal to prove she is not “perfect” and they call her mean names. Also, throughout the novel, Claudia has a hatred for what people determine is beautiful. She would dismember her white baby dolls to try and find the beauty in them that other people saw. Claudia would examine each part of the doll, trying to find an ounce of beauty in it until she was left with the metal ball inside of it. In addition, Claudia hates Shirley Temple, whereas Frieda and Pecola find her cute. Claudia hates her because she danced with Bojangles whom Claudia referred to as “my friend, my uncle, my daddy…” (Morrison 19). She was jealous and mad that a little white girl got to dance with Bojangles, a black man. Also, Claudia preferred Jane Withers, who played opposite Shirley Temple in the film Bright Eyes. For the most part Claudia and Frieda do not strive to meet the beauty standards created by society. On the other hand, Pecola strives to achieve the ideal beauty. She wants to become the white, blonde hair, and blue eyed girl that society deems as beautiful. People commonly referred Pecola as ugly.

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