Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned Essay

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An estimated 250,000 children compete in beauty pageants each year. To outsiders, the world of beauty pageants can seem like a perfect utopian universe where all children are beautiful and the contestants’ live perfect lives of luxury, however, the reality is generally different. On reality shows like ’Toddlers & Tiaras“, children are withdrawn from their childhood by undergoing what seem like insane measures to get to the top. Often the contestants don’t even have a choice whether or not to participate, that decision is made by their parents’. The contestants should have a choice whether they are going to participate in the competition or not. Beauty pageants should become banned as they can cause behavior changes, can be harmful and …show more content…

Although is letting them experience behavior changes really worth it? For these young children, all the risks they go through can lead to harmful health issues that can become long term. Days before the competition the contestants are fed tapeworms so that they can obtain the perfect size which in their eyes is skinny. To maintain this size these girls are starved so they don’t gain weight prior to the competition. In addition, on competition day they are given sugary drinks and snacks so that they can have tons of enthusiasm for the day. The parents of these competitors think that all of these aspects will not lead to health issues in the future. But as a result, these risks can lead to short term and long term effects, such as eating disorders. In the span of 10 years, there has been a 270% increase of contestants hospitalized for eating disorders. As young children when they are starved, they begin to inherit diseases, for instance, anorexia. Growing up with anorexia can lead them on to start body shaming themselves, which can result in them self-harming. To uphold this perfect image these young children are put in harmful situations that can have a harmful impact on their lives. As kids, these contestants are not supposed to worry about being ’the perfect size’ and focus on other aspects of their lives. Then again, beauty pageants can have an effect on a contestant that can stick

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