Essay on Beauty by Robin McKinley

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In the novel, Beauty by Robin Mc Kinley, the family of a wealthy merchant looses their wealth when the shipment boats get lost at sea. There are three daughters named Hope, Grace, and Honour, whom is nicknamed Beauty, and a father. The family is forced to move to the country and start a life more modest than accustomed. After the family adapts to country life, one of the older sisters gets married to an iron worker who used to work at the shipyard owned by the father. They have babies. Life goes on in the country.

Three years after their arrival in the country the families receive notice that one of the lost boats has returned to port. The father leaves to the city to see if anything could be rescued and before leaving asks his …show more content…

The Beast grants her the wish on the condition that she must return within a week. She agrees and goes home. Everybody in town goes to see her upon her return. The week passes quickly and after telling her sister the reason why she had come back she decides to stay a couple of extra days. In the middle of the 10th night back home she has a dream of the Beast dead in the garden. Without saying goodbye, she gets on her horse and sets out to the castle.

After getting lost in the forest for a couple of nights, she finally gets to the castle but everything is strange. The gates don't open to invite her in, the lights in the garden are dim and the stable would not open. She runs in to the castle and desperately tries to find her Beast. Upon finding him, she realizes that she loves him and the enchantment is broken. Her beast becomes the handsome man, whose portrait she had seen in the gallery. They agree to marry and her whole family is sent for, including the sister's fiancée and a lady neighbor. The new couple descends down the stairs to the awaiting and excited crowd.

Writer's Point of View

The author, Robin Mc Kinley wrote this novel in Beauty's point of view. She is the one character that leads the reader through the tale. We see the Beast through her eyes and see her grow from young girl to

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