Becoming A First Generation College Student

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I have always been my own motivator and it has not always been easy. Being a first-generation college student meant going it on my own, making mistakes and learning from them. At the start of my college adventure I met Professor Michelle Field who introduced me to more than my love of Anthropology, but looking back she is now my inspiration to want to teach Anthropology. This was not something I knew coming into college, but some of the greatest things in life come together when you least expect them, you just have to be flexible. Moving to Bellingham to finish my undergraduate degree came at the most difficult time in my life only days after losing a parent, but Western Washington University became my new home and offered the fresh start I needed and the opportunity to continue to develop as a student that I so deeply craved.

Getting to this point in my academic career has been a balancing act. I spent most of my time as a part time student earning my Associates while working full time. Getting the most out of my education was always my primary goal and it meant working hard and managing my time well. I graduated with Faculty Honors and am currently progressing towards graduating Cum Laude at Western. I was able to not only take a heavy course load, but manage it well and remained flexible and grounded in the reality of what I could handle. Determined to expand my knowledge I wanted to not only to take a variety of courses during early undergraduate work, but as I
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