I Am A First Generation College Student

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The self is interpreted by the individual and defined differently based on that individual. He or she as their actual selves and not pretending to be someone else to gain the satisfaction of others is the self. I am a first generation college student who grew up in one of Chicago’s most impoverished and threatening neighborhoods, Cabrini Green. My siblings look at me as a mother figure and role model. I became who I am today by the influence of my parents, school, and society. In this world, I will be a successful pediatrician at a children’s hospital where there is a need for people in this profession. Living mindfully and reflectively means thinking about your actions and self evaluating. When you live mindfully, you are aware of what you are doing and the consequence of your actions. Once you have looked back on those actions, you know that everything you 've done was mindful. What helps during this process is setting goals for yourself and self evaluation every day. Losing focus of your goals or being impacted by others can hinder someone during this process. The readings this semester have definitely had an impact on my thinking. They reminded of things about the education system, the government, and society that I usually don’t think about much but does cross my mind or I remember. It has for sure taught me that you can’t believe everything you are told from the people who you are suppose to trust or protect you. Which goes back to thinking for yourself. Immanuel
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