Becoming A Pathologist Essay

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Pathology is the study of causes and effects for diseases, which could involve examining tissue samples or interpreting lab tests. When becoming a pathologist, there are three career paths you could consider: doctor, clinical scientist, or biomedical scientist (BMS). The path I would like to pursue is biomedical scientist, and within that virology or immunology. Virology and immunology is, according to the Institute of Biomedical Science, “the study of viruses and the disease caused by them such as German measles, HIV and chickenpox. You will also be involved in monitoring the effects of vaccines.” and “Biomedical scientists in immunology deal with the conditions of the body’s immune system and its role in infectious diseases, parasitic …show more content…

Their work is particularly important in the monitoring and treatment of AIDS” respectively. To become a BMS, first you acquire a Bachelor of Science in biological studies and take courses in biology, chemistry, math, and physics, or take an undergraduate program for biomedical science, this generally requires 4-6 years to complete. Once one has obtained a bachelor’s degree, many also get a master’s degree, but it is not required. In order to get a master’s degree, many universities require a Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) and others may even require a Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). A master’s degree is a 2-4 year course which may include studies in immunology, cell biology, biochemistry and pharmacology. Lastly, a postdoctoral degree (Ph.D.) is needed. Many universities require that one have a bachelor’s degree and take the GRE in order to take the courses needed for a Ph.D. The coursework for a Ph.D. is usually also paired with specialized research in the chosen field of study, and is overall 8.5 years of study. Since I am only doing research within virology/immunology, medical school, residency, and licensing is not required. The salary for this career is estimated to be $79,930 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor

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