Becoming A Sign Language Interpreter

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When introducing something new to a person, various emotions may come along with that; fear, sadness, anger, happiness and many others. Overwhelming joy and happiness were what I felt when my friend, Dalia, helped me realize what I wanted to do in life. She unknowingly aided me in deciding to become a sign language interpreter. Finding my path to a career I desired to pursue was a major stepping stone in my life and I will be forever grateful to Dalia for that. Dalia is the sweetest, most fun-loving, strong-willed person, I’ve known. One feature that makes her stand her own and doesn’t stop her from shooting for the stars is that she is deaf. In spring of 2014, my spunky, very charismatic friend, Freddy invited me to a party. Since he knew I’d never turn down a groovy shindig, I agreed to join him. As I arrived that afternoon, I observed around to see a room of mostly unfamiliar faces; which was not a problem since I am an incredibly sociable person. I quickly found my friends, Alexis, Freddy’s younger sister, and Sarah and eagerly joined them. I noticed standing with them was an extremely pretty girl with the great brown eyes and a brilliant smile that made anyone compelled to smile right back. Extending out my hand, I began to introduce myself to the stranger. She simply shook my hand, nodded and smiled politely. However, when she didn’t proceed to introduce herself, it confused me. I looked back at Freddy then back at her, waiting, when she did something I was not
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