Becoming A Teacher, Leader, And A Role Model For Students

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It takes a person with a great amount of direction to take on the role of an educator. I, myself believe am in the beginning stages of my quest into becoming a teacher, leader, and a role model for students. As a future elementary educator, I believe it is important to constantly motivate students to strive for greatness and make learning enjoyable while providing them with the knowledge for success. Students are the future and with the right guidance and encouragement, they can help shape and redefine the world we live in today. Those aspects can be achieved by providing a classroom environment that is safe for students and create a passionate journey for students who love learning. Learning is important and crucial in a student’s education growth because it will give them the chance to dig deeper within themselves to develop and pursue their new tools taught to them. Every students needs a charismatic educator who is skilled, driven, and understands the key role a teacher has on the education of students. My classroom environment will be based upon respect, safety, fun-filled learning, and respect. A classroom structure has an immense impact on a student’s success because that is the place they will learn several new skills needed to excel in the adult world. Another vital impact a classroom has is the class itself. A classroom is almost a second home for a child. A major goal I intend to accomplish in my professional career is to make a classroom feel safe for

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