Becoming Addiction To Caffeine

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Through out the world there are many substances that are abused on a daily basis. Some of the well-known addictions include smoking, drinking, and maybe even other drugs. It is often easy to think of these more common substances, but there is one substance that is less talked about that almost every American has tried in their lifetime. This substance is caffeine. All of these substances have an addictive nature to them including caffeine. The prevalence of caffeine addiction is becoming more common and is often accepted in society. Becoming addicted to caffeine is easy to do and may lead to some of the same symptoms as other drug use such as dependence, feelings, and withdrawal. Addiction can be defined as habits that have gotten out of control and resulting negative health on a person’s body. With caffeine very excisable today it is very easy to become an addict of this substance. Due to the popularity of sodas and coffee,…show more content…
Even though having one or two beverages will not hurt you, it is important to make sure that addiction is not a possibility. Advertisers do a very good job at enhancing their ads to make it look like the caffeine is a goo thing and can help you with your day. It is important that we steer clear of allowing caffeine to take over and become an addiction. Like stated before, it is a possibility that once addicted quitting is hard to do, and may come with withdrawal symptoms. It is important as adults to set the example for the younger generation. By avoiding caffeine addiction we are able to dim the prevalence of caffeine in todays society, and help prevent the addiction in today’s
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