Essay on Becoming Successful and Keeping My Original Heritage

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Bridging two cultures can be quite difficult when the practices of that dominant culture become an everyday thing. You begin to lose sense of your original heritage fighting to blend in and be looked as normal. After reading these books that were assigned to us they became an eye opener of questions I have asked myself for the past years. Questions like who I was going to become, religious views and finding hope. I soon figured out that I can become successful while still keeping my original heritage. I don't just want to help people who face health issues but help their struggle in America by spreading the word out on what they are facing and the possible solutions we can use to help them.
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I guess being quiet in my class made them believe I couldn't read. From these experiences my primary language became my secondary language, having no family or friends in Utah the gatherings stopped and t.v. and video games became my best friends. It's difficult now to see how I could let such a beautiful culture that I grew up into and familiar to me fade at a young age, I'm just glad I don't hide it as much as I used too and slowly bridging my original culture.
Experience in the Healthcare System
I experienced the healthcare system a lot as a child because I was always sick. My parents had to take me once a month because I couldn't eat in the mornings without throwing up. I would have allergic reactions to unknown things and nothing the doctors would do could fix it. They would just have this odd look on their face when I showed up. Since nothing seemed to work from there on my parents stopped taking me to the Doctors and my dad who was heavily into the Yoruba religion went to a babalawo to see what they could do to heal me. It was quite weird what I had to do but I had to rub a watermelon all over my body and when I was done I would have to throw it into the Ocean as far as I could. After I had done that a bunch of symptoms I was experiencing vanished. Now that I think of it, it was astonishing because as a child I never realized what had happened and how it had helped me.
First Semester of College The first semester of college at

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