Becoming an Adult with a Life Plan

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To find a career you must search them out. Look through the newspaper, online, career fairs, look around, or get some recommendations from friends. There are plenty of opportunities. Identify which are appropriate for you. What is the job, what are they looking for, do they have any requirements. If one applies to you then take the next steps to get the job. Do some research on the job. Prepare a resume, cover letter, and ready yourself for an interview. Maybe you aren’t ready for that, it always good to look ahead. Plan out your objectives. Decide what your long and short-term goals are. Take it step by step until you accomplish those goals. However the time will come when you will need to be ready to be employed. You should prepare a resume, one beneficial for you. Due to all your skills but lack of experience a functional resume is more for you. Have as many positive references as you can. The send it to the job you are looking for with a specified cover letter. The interview is the last step. Think about what questions they will ask you. Mentally get in sync. Tell them what makes you stand out. Give them a reason to pick you over everyone else. That is how you secure yourself a job. Now step away from the employee role and put your self as the consumer. It is foolish to just go buy random things. Find out what you are buying. Look it up online, or ask someone in the store. Find reviews from others who purchased it. You want to know where you are shopping. Are you in a
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