My Life : What I Want In Life

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When did you figure out what you wanted to be when you got older? Are you still asking yourself that question? Not only is it hard for people to figure out what they want in life, but to ask what you want to be? That is one of the hardest questions you have been asked. I figured out what my passion was at the age of thirteen. Biomedical engineer isn’t in many thirteen year olds’ vocabularies, so how did it end up in mine?

In the seventh grade, we were required to take life science with one of the oldest teachers in the school, Mr. Tuseth. He was kind of an intimidating man to us little kids. Towering over us at the height of 6’5, none of us thought about acting out. He had short gray hair and glasses with frames too small for his face. He wore khaki pants that seemed to be too short for him, a wrinkled white button-up shirt, and maroon neck tie. He had a scar on his face in the shape of a large fish hook.

As the first bell rang, all of us filed into the classroom as he stood at his desk watching us. He had a clipboard in his hand and was making marks that made us all curious. The four minutes passed between bells and then, the second had rang. As soon as the ringing stopped, he slammed his clipboard into the desk and said, “If you are talking when that bell rings, you get a ding. If you are not seated when that bell rings, you get a ding. After 3 dings, detention.” As a seventh grader, those words were the scariest words you could hear. Detention was the ultimate

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