Beer As A Man Who Invented Beer Essay

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“He was a wise man who invented beer.”- Plato.
Beer is One of the most widely consumed beverages around the world. According to “List 25,” “An average American consumes about 23 gallons of the beverage a year, “that averages about 27 six packs or 1 ½ of a kegs which is a lot of beer. Beer was first seen when nomads made beer from grain and water even before they knew how to make bread. It was considerably cleaner than the water they had due to the fermentation and alcohol that is created. Then beer evolved over time and became better. In the early 1800s beer started to become a revolutionary alcohol beverage. In the 1800s there were many things beer evolved in to: it was known as “Ale” Oktoberfest was created, and the first golden lager was created. Later on in the 1900s U.S. retail beer sales exceeded $45 Billion and The world 's largest brewery was Coors Brewing, in Golden, Colorado, at 272 Million cases that were produced. How is this tasty beverage that many people enjoy made?
The beverage of beer is simple to make but can be a backbreaker to perfect and get that smooth, rich, bitter taste. When I was younger I remember seeing my dad bring in lots of medium sized boxes. Me, being a child, I asked lots of questions, but the main one “what is that?” my dad looked at me and giggled, “Its Kool-Aid tools for adults.” He told me all I said was, “Awesome I’ve never seen this kind of Kool-Aid.” Little did I know my dad had his own home brewing kit which allowed him to brew
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