Behavior Modification Therapy For Children

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for inappropriate behaviors. The key in this therapy is to reward the child for good behavior, and it has been proven to have good, long term results.
Along with behavior modification therapy there are a few other therapy options that are used to manage and treat ADHD symptoms; Cognitive therapy is one of those options, this therapy aims to help the child learn to better manage certain life skills such as problem solving and self-control. Anger management is also a treatment option that is used, this treatment helps the child learn how to recognize and understand the signs of their frustration and learn a range of coping mechanisms to help minimize their aggression. In anger management they also learn relaxation techniques and stress management skills. Because a child with ADHD is often dissociated from their peers due to them being hot-tempered or lacking social skills, social training would also be a good option of treatment and can teach children the proper way to interact with others. It is also extremely important for parents to consider family counselling for everyone in the house hold, the purpose of this counselling is to teach other members of the household how to understand and cope with the child’s behavior themselves, and they can also learn techniques on how they can help the child struggling with this disorder to manage their own symptoms as well.
While there are different medications that children can take and different therapies families can attend this day

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