Behavior Observation: Gender and Stereotyping

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Disrespect due to Gender and Stereotyping.
“Derogatory Attitudes-Personal” (Kreitner and Kinicki, 2008, p. 293) BACKGROUND

In the text, Kreitner and Kinicki (2008) refer to an example of stereotyping and a “surface level dimension of diversity” influencing one’s behavior. They go on to say “These dimensions, for the most part, are not within our control, but they strongly influence our attitudes and expectations and assumptions about others, which, in turn, influence our behavior.” (p 37). This definition of stereotyping is the basis for our observation of derogatory attitudes that has occurred within the workplace. Upon entering the office for the first time, it was easy for the new Operations Officer to see basic issues
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The alternatives we have come up with are listed below:
• File a formal Inspector General (IG) complaint! (most likely non viable) • All employees involved need to be counseled and given a warning. • The Operations Officer should have a one on one talk with the Deputy without the administrative assistant present. Have a serious conversation about the nature of the problem. There are possible legal implications as well as the negative effect on morale of the organization. • Give each person or section the responsibility of making coffee. Make a schedule. • Take the coffee pot and supplies out of the break room. In other words take the privilege away. People can make coffee in their own offices or bring in a cup from home. • The Senior Director should be brought into the situation and he conduct a meeting with all employees addressing this situation. • Fire the contractors who are the problem. • Go to the manager of the contracting company and get them involved. • Senior management should have another meeting, describing the duty of the ladies, emphasizing that clean-up is not a part of this. • Conduct diversity/sensitivity training by Equal Opportunity Officer. (AR 690-12)

Best Option
We have decided that our best alternative with proper steps is as follows: • Conduct a meeting involving the Director, the Deputy Director, the Contract Lead and the Operations Officer regarding the current situation. This
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