Weslaco Organizational Culture

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3. Discuss how the current leadership has affected organizational culture. The organizational culture at Weslaco is poor with a major level of doubt in the staff just concentrating on self-pick up, a defensive, or self-protection approach in the everyday workload. The organization has a statement of purposes of conveying superb medical services with a "We Care" patient's first mentality. Be that as it may, with the authority neglecting to legitimately prepare the staff either because of absence of the vertical information in every forte, absence of time, or disregard. The staff sees this as an absence of supervision, which can prompt pomposity and disregard of employment obligations. Be that as it may, a large number of the staff feel underestimated and question how an organization can neglect to offer any preparation of new gear or two new contracts. The staff has created doubt of the authority's sense of duty regarding the association's statement of purpose.
The leadership has a routine with regards to responsive administration. For instance, it is conceivable a staff part can work a little while and never trade any correspondences with the administration to the point that a critical issue presents. Be that as it may, once
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Over the most recent two years, every ha just went by twice. For the most part, a visit by the proprietors was because of a crisis administration emergency. This leaves just a single nearby trough, the Healthcare Administrator, to deal with all the everyday operations of the business. The Health Care Administrator is frequently overpowered as he conveys a considerably bigger obligation than his title recommends. The nonappearance of senior authority and overpowered nearby administration makes for an exceptionally distressing hierarchical
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