Behavior of Students at Patridge Boarding School Essay

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The students at Partridge Boarding School were the most well-behaved children anyone had ever seen. The school had ideal children. The students were brilliant. Their report cards sent to their parents would be covered in positive comments and exceptional marks. The students were perfect.

They stayed there all year until summer, where they went home as courteous versions of themselves. When they came back, they were the uncivil, selfish youths they had originally come to the school as. After the first day, the rowdy hallways turned into eerily silent corridors. The students walked in single file, no one stepping out of line. They all dressed in unisex uniforms. Everywhere you went, you would see the young learners clad in navy …show more content…

No one ever breathed a word about how bad the food was. They never even seemed to notice.

Classes were what strict principals expected. No conversation between students, no speaking out, no talking back and everyone raising their hands for a simple questions. Everyone got an A. Not a single question wrong. Teachers went through their lessons like automations. No explanations, just textbook definitions. What would take an average student thirty minutes was only five minutes for them. They blew through textbooks, from the little eight year olds to the high school seniors. The pupils did the same little things everyday. Each instructor had a grey button on their desk. It was only pushed about once a year. If a learner didn’t raise their hand, or they got a question wrong, the disciplinarian would hit the button. A few moments later, two men in slivery suits and dark sunglasses would drag the mischief-maker away. They wouldn’t be seen until the next morning, where they would act like flawless droids again.

The order of things was so precise it was terrifying. No matter what, students would go to their dorms at 8:35 in the evening and were asleep by 8:55. There was no other times. It was never a minute earlier or later. When the pupils reached home for the summer, they’d slowly break down in regular children. First, the simple, minor things that only a faculty member from the school would recognize. They

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