Behavior of Students at Patridge Boarding School Essay

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The students at Partridge Boarding School were the most well-behaved children anyone had ever seen. The school had ideal children. The students were brilliant. Their report cards sent to their parents would be covered in positive comments and exceptional marks. The students were perfect.

They stayed there all year until summer, where they went home as courteous versions of themselves. When they came back, they were the uncivil, selfish youths they had originally come to the school as. After the first day, the rowdy hallways turned into eerily silent corridors. The students walked in single file, no one stepping out of line. They all dressed in unisex uniforms. Everywhere you went, you would see the young learners clad in navy trousers, a white dress shirt and black shoes. Pupils always carried their supplies in a certain order in the left crook of their arm. The green math book was always on the bottom. Then the baby blue social studies workbook. Then the yellow foreign languages textbook, the lilac reading binder, the white science schoolbook and on top a black pencil case. The pencil case always had one pink eraser, one red pen, three black pens and two, perfectly sharpened yellow pencils with perfect erasers. The lead and ink never seemed to run out and the erasers were always the trademark pink. Everything was brand new and orderly.

The students never had their arms swinging as they roamed. They patrolled around as if their right arm was plastered to their…