Behavioral Differences Between Different Types Of Families

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Behavioral Differences between Different Types of Families Over the years genetics has proven to be the fundamental component of human composition; it dictates a person’s hair color or eye color, but does the same apply to our own personality? People like to think that they alone are responsible for the actions they take, but recent studies has proved that, that very sentiment may not be true. Based on the experiment discussed in the article The Minnesota study of twins reared apart it can be concluded that genetic factors also known as genomes account for a vast majority of human characterises. The experiment used twins that have been separated at birth to determine whether or not environmental factors contribute to a person’s personality. According to the study the physiological, personality, psychological interests, and social attitudes were almost identical even though they were raised in different environments. The only characteristics that differentiated were there intelligence. Based on this there are many questions that may arise such as, does our parents genetics really determine our personality or our behaviours? What about where we group up, does that influence our behavior? Or, should we just give up, and say we are genetically programed to think and behave the way we do? What about our intelligence, does that come from our parents? This paper will address those questions and discuss: environmental factors and there relation to personality, the relation

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