Nature Vs Nurture Effects On Personality

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The topic of nature vs nurture effects on personality has been an ongoing psychology debate for many years with the support of both sides being divided between different disciples of psychology. The Nature Theory is based on the principle that the DNA inherited from our parents, which begins with a fertilized egg and evolves into a person, not only determines what we look like, but also contributes to our personality, the emotional person we are, and the behaviors we develop. In contrast, the Nurture Theory is based on the principle that the environment a person is exposed to, such as family and social surroundings, influence the behavior and personality they develop. Years of studies show that neither theory is solely responsible for who an …show more content…

These findings support that the environment of the adopted family influence the development of the adopted twin in that they learn and mature to be like the environment they were exposed to.
Results of studies on professional musicians show that both nature and nurture contribute to their success. Genetic studies show that individuals that practice and nurture their talent actually possess genes that influence them to practice. We have all heard the slang, “Practice makes perfect.” It is that combination of the genetic makeup that drives them to practice and the environment of doing so that make them successful in their craft. (medicaldaily)
Another supportive topic of both nature vs nurture is the active gene-environment correlation. The active gene a person possesses actually chooses the environment the person is exposed to. An example of this is would be the environments and situations a person that is shy chooses. They tend to be an observer or wallflower staying in quiet situations. This is somewhat a continuous cycle, the gene molding the environment and the environment continuing to influence the personality based on the active

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