What Does Ben Use To Reduce The Severity Of His Symptoms?

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1) As discussed in the interview, describe the behavioral techniques Ben uses to reduce the severity of his symptoms. • Ben’s case history suggested three behavioral strategies that he could do to improve is symptoms and thus his daily life. The first is being able to live a healthy lifestyle through dieting and exercising. Ben even talked about how on days when he is lazy and eats junk food, he realizes that his tics happen more frequently. He stated that exercising relieves the stress of his symptoms. The second strategy is reducing stress. Ben talked about how when he became nervous in situations, his tics would become more pronounced and recurrent. He would have less control over them. However, if he took deep breaths to try and calm himself, he could control his symptoms better. The third behavioral strategy is maintaining quality social skills with those around him. There is a social stigma with people who have psychological disorders and it is even harder for Ben because he wears his symptoms on his sleeve. He cannot hide from his disorder because he suffers from both physical and verbal tics. People can easily see and hear Ben’s symptoms. Ben states that he likes to explain to his friends what exactly Tourette syndrome is. He wants to people to better understand the symptoms and what people with this disorder go through. He also fully understands why some people may not grasp what is going on when he has a fit of tics. He talks about people in movie theaters or

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