Behaviorism And Behaviorism Theories Of Psychology

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William James is credited as the founder of American psychology. He believed in observing everyday psychological experiences such as attention, memory, and reasoning. James also believed that the mind way very active in nature. Behaviorism says that you have to look at psychology in a way that is observable and objective. The main focus was on how we react to stimuli. Unlike Ebbinghaus both James’s view and behaviorism stray from introspection as opposed to observation. Gestalt psychology emphasized people’s tendency to organize the information they receive. Like behaviorism and James’s view, Gestalt psychology did not agree with Ebbinghaus’s introspection. Unlike behaviorism Gestalt psychology did not view things as a response-cost unit. Frederic Bartlett saw that people make meaningful and systematic errors. Like Gestalt psychology, Bartlett focused on how our brain organized information, even in ways that are mistakes. The cognitive approach was the result of research being done on many aspects of human cognition. This caused questions to arise that Behaviorism could explain, like problem solving. Behaviorism could also only focus on what was observable, however psychologist were realizing that cognition was much more complex than that. The cognitive approach focuses on linguistics, memory, and development.

2.) List several reasons for the increased interest in cognitive psychology and the decline of the behaviorist approach. In addition, describe the field of…
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