Behnam Namdar. Professor Solheim, History 107 . Winter

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Behnam Namdar Professor Solheim, History 107 Winter 2017 CRN 25244 Analysis of The Bill of Rights The Bill of Rights it’s made up from the first 10 amendments. Out of a total of 27 amendments, which the house approved 17 amendments and out of these, the senate approved 12 amendments and these amendments were send out to the states for approval at the end 10 amendments out of these 12 amendments were approved and they are now known as the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights indicates all the exact preventions on governmental power. The main point of a bill of rights was to prevent the contention between federalists and anti-federalists, which give out specific limits on government power. The main difference between federalists and …show more content…

Also, this amendment mention that people have the freedom of speech which I believe it’s very important for the country especially for United Stated because as I mention this country include many people with different religion, country, ethnicity, believe, … , and all these people have different thought and idea which we need to respect to each and give the freedom of speech to people to have the voice to talk about their needs. The second amendment mentioned about having well-developed and structured Militia which is required for the security of a free state. This amendment it’s important for people as others cause the main reason for having the bill of rights is to give people freedom and let them decide for their future and their own country that their living on and maintaining good and safe militia, as this amendment permit the American citizens to have the right to conserve themselves armed and to sustain a militia. As up right now there are several countries that take away the rights for their citizens to be armed such as Great Britain, which the government had voted to authorize their citizens to be disarmed. The third amendment it’s regard to the soldiers, which disallows them from temporality inhabiting in private houses during peacetime without getting the acquiescence and consent. I personally believe this amendment is very good for keeping the country protected because soldiers are very important for the

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