Being A Foster Parent

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When first writing my initial reflection paper, I had a very hard time coming up with someone or something to talk about. I did not feel that I could talk about a celebrity or someone historically famous because what you typically know about them is what and how the media portrays them to be. I cannot argue that they are morally good because I cannot tell you about all of their actions, the intentions of their actions, or really what their action was. All I could argue is what the media says they did, which I do not find to be fair. I settled on an act, the act of being a foster parent. Like all acts, I think that you have to look at it from a whole perspective.
I think it is first important to define what being morally good is to me.
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In the end, they did essentially adopt him, but it started out as a foster situation. My grandparents completely changed his life, and I do not think that he would be where he is today if it was not for them. Today, he is very successful and he and his wife ended up adopting two children themselves. Jim, and his family, is still a very large part of my whole family’s lives. Jim and his family live down in San Diego, but they come up to visit at least once a year. We also have all gone down to visit them a few times. They are all very much a part of our family. My grandparents had such a large and positive impact on his life, and made it so that he, in turn, could have a positive impact on two other children’s lives.
When looking on how the philosophers would view this act, I feel that it would be a very mixed conclusion. I think that overall, Aristotle and Immanual Kant would both agree that being a foster parent is a morally good act for one to become. However, I feel that Jean-Paul Sartre would overall disagree on whether or not being a foster parent is a morally good act. Jeremy Bentham and C.S. Lewis were both very difficult for me to come to any real conclusion with. I think that with both of them, one can argue in either direction on if they would consider being a foster parent to be a morally good act or not. For this reason, I will not be discussing them in this paper.
I think that
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