Being A Great Nurse Means To Be In A Mutual Partnership

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Being a great nurse means to be in a mutual partnership with the healthcare professionals and commit to each individual patients condition. It is to collaborate with other health care professionals to provide the best care possible. Becoming an equal partner with a physician, the nurse will become a leader and as such will take part in developing health care plans, tracking improvements, making modifications and participate in important boardroom decision. Interprofessional collaboration and coordination moves the nurse from the bedside to the boardroom. To achieve this I plan to actively participate in leadership development and use my vision to transform health care systems. I will be involved in mentoring programs to progress my…show more content…
Better nursing education will result in improved knowledge hence well-informed nursing practice. The attainment of higher levels of education will result in more relevant research applicable in evidence-based practice. Improved policies in collaboration with nurses will result in improved working environments for nurses and improved patient outcomes. Preceptor Practicum Experience The Institute of Medicine states, “patient needs have become more complicated, and nurses need to attain requisite competencies to deliver high-quality care” (IOM, 2010). To improve patient care outcomes registered nurses need to use evidence-based practice and keep up to date with research and evidence. Evidence-based practice increases accountability in safety and improvement of healthcare standards and guides clinical decision making. Evidence-based research integrates clinical expertise with research evidence and calls for personalization of care by taking into account patient preferences (Stevens, 2013). During my preceptorship experience I was able to provide patient care using evidence-based practice that supported my practice at the point of care. I was preceptored in Stern Family Center for Rehabilitation where I was given the opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills as a future registered nurse. In this clinical
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