Being A Parent Is The Human Condition Essay

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Being a parent is something that most people will experience at some point in their lives. Considering how integral becoming a parent is to the human condition, it is always interesting to see how parenting varies not only among people of distinctively contrasting cultures, but even among people one might consider analogous. Being a parent myself, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time attempting to find the right balance of parenting styles by not just my own trial and error, but by also observing others such as my own parents. Parenting varies due to numerous reasons such as income, location, culture and perhaps most notable recently, the advancement of technology. Raising children to become well-adjusted and productive adults is no simple matter, especially when considering not only different styles of parenting, but also the different temperaments, cognitive abilities and personalities of the children. To gain insight on this issue, and perhaps gain insight as to how parenting affected me personally, I chose to interview my parents, Tawana and Gregory Barger. My mother is 51 years of age and has lived in Poplar Bluff for most of her life. She was born here in Poplar Bluff into a lower-middle class family that had her mom being the stay at home caretaker while her father was the sole breadwinner of the family. It was a very traditional family setting, with her mom doing all the household caretaking and childrearing for all 5 children, of which my mom was

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