Being Accepted Into College

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In class we have been doing I searches, which are research papers made to learn more about a subject. Our subject was given to us it is anything under the wide category of college. Knowing being accepted into college relied on certain things, like my GPA and ACT scores, I decided to research how it varied from college to college. I also research some of the programs and degrees to see if I would like to possibly attend to the college based on the classes and degrees offered. The last thing I researched was housing, how housing on campus and housing on campus worked to clarify my thoughts about housing while in college.

Being accepted into college is a very important thing; one thing being accepted into college depends on is my GPA. I researched six
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The first college I researched was Western Kentucky University, WKU, which is nearby and we live on campus. To attend WKU a GPA of 2.0 or higher is required, which based on my research is not a very high GPA (WKU Admissions). The next college I researched is in Bloomington, Indiana which is not very far away although it is out of state. To be considered as a possible students GPAs generally range from 3.5 to a 4.0. That college’s GPA range consists of a .50 range, very different from WKU’s of a 2.0 range. The Indiana University Bloomington would be a much harder school to be accepted into compared to an easier school to get into like WKU (IU Bloomington). The next college I researched is the University of Cincinnati, in Ohio. The UC’s college GPA cut off is different than the other
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