Being Disruptive And Destructive During The Last Couple Of Days

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First off, I would like to apologize for being so disruptive and destructive during the last couple of days.
Second, I would like to try my best to explain myself and justify my action of the last two week as best as I could in proper chronological order, along with some facts I would like to confirm.
Amanda and I broke up on the first week of winter break. It was mutually discussed between her and I. The reason is unrelated to this so I won’t bother you with the details.
Nhan’s existence was informed to me by Chi for a while, I also did some research on him before we first met.
On January the second, we(me and Chi) discussed the idea of hooking Nhan with Kelly Zeng since she just went through a bad break up.(I know, relationships in the first quarter of the first year are just difficult to substain)
January the Third, I met you at that Bobba Tea place. Kelly Zeng was there too, and based on my observation, she’s simply not ready for another relationship, as she’s still suffer from her melancholy. So I decided to get Nhan and someone else together as a couple.
So why did I wanted to make two complete strangers to fall in love with each other? Because I can. Or at least I thought I could. Let’s call this an experiment on human nature conducted by me. Why? Because I was bored, just came out of a relationship that almost ruined my life, and wanted to make others happy for once. What a pipe dream isn’t it? Well guess what, I did a pretty decent job.
It was pretty simple to get
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