Being From A Country Where There Are Multiple Languages

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Being from a country where there are multiple languages I can learn, it makes it a fun way to witness people speaking in all these different languages but also stressful not to understand what they are saying. Languages are part of my everyday life. I read and write in three different languages, I speak three different languages and also listen to people talk in a lot of different languages. I experienced different languages, mostly in school. I believe language has an effect on everyone and when I hear people speak different languages, although I might not understand what they are saying, I am impressed with most people can speak at least two different languages. As I walk into school every day, I hear people communicating in their …show more content…

I sometimes stand in front of coaches and try to ask for help from them, and I end up getting the help I do not need. Why does this happen to me? I thought I was speaking a perfect English. I smile when this happens, and then they realize that might not be the help I needed. From time to time, I need someone to translate English to English which I find fascinating. When it comes to writing, I have an easy time with it since I love to write. I have been writing in three different languages. I find writing easy until I turn in a paper and my spelling is counted as grammatical errors because I spell my words in various origins. For example words like color, favor, flavor has some time in common in my English language background which is they are all missing a ‘u. ' During moments like this I have to try to spell in the American origin as I might end up getting a lot of grammatical errors because my words are spelled wrong to my teachers but to me, they are spelled right. Flavour, colour, favour, humour, labour, and neighbor have red lines when I type and I used not to know why they are but now I know that they can be spelt without a ‘u’ in America. I wonder why spellers ask for the origin of words during international spelling bees and I used not to understand why the source of a nutshell is a problem. Now as I began to study in a country other than my birth country, I drew a

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