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Foreign language Nelson Mandela quotes “Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one can not share their hopes and aspiration, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savor their songs. I am bilingual which means I speak two different languages one is my native language which is Amharic while the other one is English. I learned English since I was in kindergarten. Language is something that is learned by putting all your effort in it, learning a language never stop it, allows you to think outside the box which means you get to see someone else's point of view. I learned English in kindergarten but it was still difficult for me to speak to different languages in the house. I started learning English when I was in Kindergarten but before I went to kindergarten I went to many American international schools which required me to speak English or at least understand English. kindergarten was the actual school time I started learning how to speak, read, and write English. English is not my strongest language because not only is it not my first language but also it's a language I learned while I was learning my native language Amharic. I grew up in a country where everybody spoke Amharic but the school I went to had all the students had to speak English. I had difficulties learning English fast like my brother or my cousins but that never stopped me from trying to learn more. When I was in 2nd grade I changed school but the school

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