Being Greeted with Death's Sting

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Everyday someone is greeted with the sting of death. Sometimes it occurs with or without warning. Either way, the hearts of the loved ones left behind are broken with despair. I have sent flowers and consoled love ones. But, I didn’t fully understand death’s sting until took my beloved Mother and Friend from my family. She was the glue that held me and my siblings together throughout our adult years. It was our ritual to speak before I started and ended my day. My Mother encouraged me to continue on through my storms. During my deployments, I could count on her prayers. My Mother knew what words to speak to soothe me and she could build me up with her understanding. I loved that she never took sides when my siblings and I would have disagreements. She would remind us the importance of family ties. As a child, I could remember coming home broken because I felt like an outcast. The children were cruel to me. I was the kid in the home made dress or the plaid pants with the penny loafers. You see, my Mother was a single parent raising five children. We lived in low income housing and she worked several jobs to provide the essentials. In our home there were no name brand clothing and hand-me- downs were the normality. She kept us feed, clean and a roof over our heads. My Mother loved us all equally and made us feel as if we lived above poverty. We would always have family night on Saturday. We would dance, laugh and watch movies. It was a treat to get the home made

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