Being Heroic in the Right Time Essay

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Being Heroic in the Right Time
Heroes arise all around you from men that land a plane on the Hudson, to a twelve year old boy that dies trying to save his grandpa from a fire. Even kids see heroes, they have capes, and masks, and medals of honor. Growing up under a corrupted leader can be a hard life. It's hard to see heroes when the guy who is suppose to be the countries leader is corrupted. The Mirabal sister are able to step out and be heroes In a dark covering of Trujillo. To me Minerva is a great hero, she steps her to challenges. She stopped her friend from shooting Trujillo. She boldly
Stands up to Trujillo when he tries to hit on her. Last after she stood up to him she still goes to the palace to free her father. That takes a lot …show more content…

Saving Sinitas life was not the only thing that made Minerva a hero.
It's hard to stand up to someone that has so much power over you, but Minerva wasn't going to let anybody treat her like she didn't want to be treated. "No, no. El Jefe has invited you to his table." Patria and Dede exchange a scared look." ( pg. 63). This shows that Minerva has heroic characteristics. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. She goes to sit with Trujillo because he has power over her and she gives authority respect at first. "That's exactly what I'm trying to convince Papa to do. In confess., playing this man against my father. If El a Jefe says he wants me to study. Papa will have to let me. I've always wanted to study law. (Pg. 65). Real heroes always started out with having dreams. Some heroes dreamed their whole life of simply being heroes. She would be a hero to all women if she was the First Lady to attend a university.
"He yanks me by the wrist, thrusting his pelvis at me in a vulgar way, and if can see my hand in and endless slow motion rise. - a mind all of its own- and come down on the astonished made up face." ( pg. 67). By Minerva standing up to Trujillo it gives a lot of other women relief that someone will finally stand up to Him. She doesn't back down because someone has more power than her, but she stands up for what she knows is right. Minerva never let anybody treat her with disrespect, and when anybody treated her family with disrespect she stood up to

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