Sisters Fight for Freedom In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

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Minerva Mirabal
The Mirabal sisters never thought they would grow up to fight for their freedom, but as they get older they start to realize what is really going on in the Dominican Republic. This book takes you for a wild ride through their lives from their point of view. "In the Time of the Butterflies" is about four sisters that grow up under the corrupted ruler known as Trujillo. It is written in first person from all of their perspectives. From all of their perspectives you can tell Minerva is the most wrapped up in the revolution. She is very rebellious, she makes friends with people of the underground, and she is the one that is most concerned about the revolution.
Minerva is very rebellious, she doesn't like to listen when told to …show more content…

13). Sinita is Minerva's first friend who thinks poorly of Trujillo. She leads Minerva into the rebellious part of her life where she finds out how horrible Trujillo is. She states "When I met Lío, it was as if I woke up." (Pg. 58). This is when Minerva meets her second friend who is an enemy of Trujillo. He is the one who is most invested in the revolution. He eventually has to flee the country to get away from Trujillo. "Lío was inviting Minerva to take asylum with him!" (Pg. 56). Dedé reads one of the letters Lío sends to
Minerva and finds this. She decides to burn it because if Minerva saw it she would go with Lío.
Between her friends and how rebellious she is getting, Minerva is the sister that is the most involved in the revolution.
Minerva is the most involved with the revolution. She makes rebellious friends and she wants to run away from the Dominican Republic. She begs "Tell me, Sinita, maybe it will help" (Pg. 15).
Minerva is trying to learn of the secrets of Trujillo and the bad things he has done. She wants to know why he is such a bad leader. This is when she starts disliking him. Minerva is talking to her father about going to college when she says "But Papá, you've got Mamá" (Pg. 57). This shows she wants to get away from home and be different. She wants to get a college education to make a difference. "I'd jump in the Jeep and roar of into the country side..." (Pg. 57). Minerva races away in the truck as she tries to get away from

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