Sisters Take a Risk In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

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Mirabal Heroines
Believing that there are things worth risking your life for is a quality that is well respected.
The Mirabal sisters are all considered heroines for their work against Trujillo. Three of them even died for this cause. Minerva Mirabal is a heroine because of the way she stood up to
Trujillo. She is respected throughout the Dominican Republic. In every aspect of her life, she worked against him for the good of her country. Her heroic life was especially shown by her friendships, her desire to attend law school, and her work in the national underground.
All during Minerva's life, some of her closest friends opposed Trujillo. The first of which was
Sinita, a girl she met at school. ""Trujillo is the devil," Sinita said as we …show more content…

She wanted her ideas in the law. But in those days women of the Dominican weren't allowed at law school. "I'm not interested in admirers until I have my law degree." (66). Minerva rejects Trujillo's advances by saying this as he comes on to her. She asks him to allow her and other women to attend law school. He agrees after she beats him while gambling. She gambled her life in order to attend the university which shows how dedicated she was to her cause. Maté remembered, "What a shock, then, when Minerva got handed the law degree but not the license to practice."(91). Minerva successfully made it through law school, yet
Trujillo had found a way to foil her plans again by not allowing her to practice law. So she had a degree, but it was useless. But would she let this stop her? There's no way. She soon found her next way of opposing him.
Minerva's new plan consisted of joining the fight against Trujillo. Maté soon discovered, "A national underground is forming." (93). Maté finds this out because Minerva has joined. She and her husband Manolo work for the organization. "Everyone and everything has a code name." (93). Minerva and her husband have been using the code names from the organization.
She invests herself fully in her work against Trujillo. Maté was excited saying, "I told Minerva and Manolo right out, I wanted to join." (94). Minerva's example even convinced her sisters to join the fight. She was basically the leader of

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