Being Legalized And The Constant Debate Over Abortion

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It is evident that today’s world is headed in a perpetual downward spiral. With weed being legalized and the constant debates over abortion, our nation is getting sucked up in the legality of law making instead of taking a step back and realizing the moral aspects of what they are actually doing. They seem to have forgotten to ask themselves, “What will benefit our future the most?” For example, foster care in America has reversed its principles by merely going through the motions of what the laws state, rather than actually putting effort into the care and safety of children. I believe that the state should put more emphasis on sending kids to permanent homes of foster parents instead of reuniting them with their insufficient legal guardians.
In the United States, the saying “we’re expecting”, has no formal meaning to it anymore. People are constantly getting pregnant without taking into consideration what a baby actually needs besides just food and diapers. People do not realize that babies need affection and good surroundings to be brought up in. Without these two exceptionally important aspects, the babies that they are taking care of grow up missing something in their lives and end up looking for ways to counteract that empty feeling. Foster Care is a way for the United States to prevent these children from becoming that way by taking them from negligent homes and placing them with people around the nation who want to take care of these kids. However, foster care…

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