Being Legalized And The Constant Debate Over Abortion

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It is evident that today’s world is headed in a perpetual downward spiral. With weed being legalized and the constant debates over abortion, our nation is getting sucked up in the legality of law making instead of taking a step back and realizing the moral aspects of what they are actually doing. They seem to have forgotten to ask themselves, “What will benefit our future the most?” For example, foster care in America has reversed its principles by merely going through the motions of what the laws state, rather than actually putting effort into the care and safety of children. I believe that the state should put more emphasis on sending kids to permanent homes of foster parents instead of reuniting them with their insufficient legal…show more content…
Foster agencies take the children from these careless homes so that the child will be safe in a foster home. Growing up around a family who, for example, does drugs is not a good environment for a child to be around. The instant reaction to this from foster care agencies should immediately be to take the child from the situation so that it will not be harmed or disoriented by the users.
Once they take the child from the home, they place it in a foster institution which consists of families who maybe cannot become pregnant or just want to help save lives. The amount of time a child is in foster care with that family ranges from a month to a year and a half. This time all depends on the effort the biological parent puts in to getting their kid back. For example, in the state of Texas, Pathways Foster Care Agency has a process that they go through for family reunification. When a child is taken away they basically start a timer on the biological parents for them to get their lives together. During this time a foster family has taken this child in, fed it, clothed it, and basically accepted it as their own. During the span of a year the biological parent is drug tested continuously. After the year is up, if the parent has not fulfilled what was expected of them, they go to court for a six month extension which in most
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