Being Pregnant Research Paper

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“What were you thinking?” My mother said, with a clear look of shame and disappointment resting on her face. “What will people say about us?” My father roared from the other room sounding enraged. I didn’t have an answer for any of the millions of questions my parent’s threw at me that night. All I could do was stare down at my night stand and look at the “two pink lines” on this plastic white stick: which indicated that I was in fact, “pregnant.” I had always been super shy and quiet as a child this made it hard for my immediate family to comprehend the idea of sweet little Kimberly Ann being pregnant at the age of 16. I remember my older cousin saying, “What? I didn’t even know you were kissing boys yet!”
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. . there were several times that I remember sprinting to the bathroom in fear of spraying the halls with my morning sickness because of this I made certain to always get a seat near the trash can when I was in class. And those square wooden desks definitely weren’t made for a pregnant belly. In spite of all that It might be pretty hard to believe but being pregnant as a junior in high school was the easy part the hard part for me came from the judging eyes and glances that I received from everyone else around me. What truly irritated me was when girls that never felt the need to speak to me before would ask, “Why do you always wear a hoodie? Everyone knows you’re pregnant, so why are you trying to hide it?” Besides the pregnancy hormones already doing a number on my mood swings, these comments weren’t helping me at all; they annoyed me to no end. I wasn’t trying to hide anything but suddenly now everyone “just” noticed that I liked wearing hoodies . . . “I’m just cold!” I’d say …show more content…

“The light at the end of the tunnel” finally showed as my doctor liked to say, and my son who is now a whopping 8 years old was born on May 2, 2007. Luckily I had him at the perfect time because I was able to spend those few summer months before senior year at home with my newborn baby. I was also very fortunate once school came back around, because since my mother worked nights she was able to watch the baby for me during the day and of course I took over when I returned

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