Pregnancy: Is It for All Ages? Essay

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Think of a life, and how magnificent it is to bring life into the world, but now think about life with complications, all because women are delaying pregnancies due to their own personal reasons, such as careers and money. According to the Journal of Clinical Nursing by Loke & Poon (2010)- both professionals in the medical field- state “[t]he growing proportion of first births to advanced age women is a public health concern,” and “…there are controversial views as whether advanced age pregnancy renders women more prone to pregnancy complications and adverse outcomes” (p. 1142). This statement provides credibility behind the fact that there are many risks developed during pregnancies in older women. Within the media today there are stories …show more content…

The Journal of Clinical Nursing compares age-related concerns between advanced age women and younger women about the risks and concerns about their unborn child. In the journal it states: “[m]ore advanced age pregnant women than the younger women reported concerns relating to the ‘possibility of miscarriage’ and ‘the physical demands of caring for the newborn baby,’” and in just a few sentences it then follows up to say that “advanced age women were still more likely than their younger counterpart to be concerned about their ‘recovery after childbirth,’ Down’s syndrome and structural defects of the fetus” (Loke & Poon, 2010, p. 1145). With this information, does it now seem unethical for these women to conceive and reproduce? Knowing that the unborn child could potentially decease and/or have detrimental physical health risks and deformities is enough to answer that question. The women know the consequences, and the fact that they are putting both lives on the line, but yet they continue on with conceiving anyways.
Due to the fact that advanced age pregnancies can result in chromosomal deformities, Down Syndrome is a high possibility for the child bore by an advanced age mother; this is what research has proven according to Haddow et al (1994), who all practice in the field of medicine and/or are researchers in diseases among newborns. Physicians in the U.S., who are advising women about the consequences of advanced age pregnancies, tested and

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